Thermal Photodynamic Therapy

Pioneered by Dr. Willey herself, Thermal Photodynamic Therapy is the latest advancement in light therapy for skin cancer prevention. Researching and performing the therapy for nearly a decade, Dr. Willey has proven the efficacy of integrating gentle heat with blue- and red-light photodynamic therapy treatments to enhance results. PDT can even treat mild to severe acne in as little as one treatment.

What you can expect.

In what feels like spa therapy, you’ll be invited to the clinic to rest with a photosynthesizing agent and warming pad over the worrisome skin. Within 20 to 30 minutes, the skin is primed for the photodynamic therapy – and the best possible results. Applying specific wavelengths of light to activate the liquid agent, Dr. Willey precisely destroys the pre-cancerous cells and begins the process of healing for healthy skin.

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