Driven by expertise.

Mastering advanced techniques early in her career, Dr. Willey brings years of experience and innovative technologies to skin cancer treatment. A uniquely talented Mohs and reconstructive surgeon, she delivers revolutionary results, safely removing skin cancer with minimal scarring and little chance of recurring.

The Process

Comprehensive Consultation

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Willey to examine your skin, assess your risk and design the ideal skin cancer treatment and prevention plan that is right for you.

Mohs & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Willey will remove your cancer with exacting precision to achieve the highest cure while sparing the normal tissue. Once the cancer is gone, she will reconstruct the area to minimize scarring and achieve the best aesthetic results.

Personalized Prevention Plan

Prevention is essential to reducing the risk of developing skin cancer. Dr. Willey will tailor a personalized plan for your skin, from sunscreen and lifestyle to light treatments and antioxidants.

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