The newest addition to our filler line-up

We provide a full array of fillers for our patients, so Dr. Willey can personalize your cosmetic treatments to perfection. The newest addition to her palette is Vobella®, a super fine filler for those super fine lines around the lips – and just a touch of volume for the perfect pout!

What are fillers?

Fillers are made little beads, held together by what’s called “cross-linking.” Those beads absorb water and swell up, filling lines in the face. The bigger the bead, the deeper the line it fills, and the more cross-links, the smoother the filler. If you use a filler with bigger beads on a superficial line, your results will look lumpy and unnatural, which is never the goal!

Why Vobella?

Where our other fillers play well to deeper lines and contouring, Vobella® rounds out the suite, filling those superficial lines naturally and beautifully. With her artistic eye and palette of fillers, Dr. Willey can sculpt your lips like never before.

“Patients love it because it looks so natural,” Dr. Willey says of Vobella®.

After a patient’s recent, first-time treatment with Vobella®, she told Dr. Willey, “My husband looked at me the next day and said, Man, that lipstick looks great on you!” The ultimate compliment, without a clue anything was done! We like to think that’s a testament to Dr. Willey’s light touch and experienced hands.

If you’re interested in sculpting the lips you’ve always wanted in a five-minute treatment, book a consultation with Dr. Willey today.